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What are whitelabel payment processors that I can resell and give custom descriptors to my clients?

Whitelabel processors are very limited in any country because no one wants to increase their competitiveness in the same markets as acquisitions and merger is still at their peak to become the market leader for that specific market or territory.

Meanwhile, companies like us are offering these solutions as a consultant and to anyone who wants to launch their own payment platform or Whitelabel Payment gateway and digital wallet platform with prepaid card solutions. we offer these solutions on behalf of Banks and technology companies.

You can resell these solutions also and create your own payment gateway platform although you are giving the same platform to your customers for that matter.

You can offer services like.

  1. Whitelabel Payment gateway solutions

  2. Whitelabel Digital or E-wallet Solutions

  3. Whitelabel Bill Paymnets and Recharge Solutions

  4. Whitelabel Payout Solutions

  5. Whitelabel International multi-currency acceptance and settlement solutions

Hope this answer helps regarding your question which you have asked. You can reach us at or call us at +91–8700277457 for more information regarding white-label solutions. We would love to help you.



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