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Is it profitable to be a white label payment processor?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

This is the easiest option to build your payment processing business if you intend to launch your own payment gateway or electronic wallet.

Indeed, making money as a white label payment processor is possible. With the white label business model, the reseller can provide payment processing services to its clients without having to spend money on technological development and upkeep. While paying the supplier for the technology, the reseller can establish its own rates and keep a share of the sales as profit.

The white label strategy also enables the reseller to stand out from its rivals by providing a fully branded and personalised payment solution, which may boost client retention and loyalty. The reseller might potentially increase revenue by providing extra services like as customization, integration, and support.

The pricing and terms of the agreement with the supplier, the number of customers the reseller is able to attract, the cost of marketing and customer service, and other factors will all affect how profitable being a white label payment processor will be. To ensure that it is making a profit, the reseller must carefully manage its relationship with the supplier and constantly check its financial performance.

If you want to become a white-label partner, you can gain a lot of advantages, such as.

There's no need to spend millions of dollars developing a white-label technology payment processing platform.

No need to wait each time for banking permission from You can utilise the Net-banking pipe in one location to enable the card and net-banking options at each bank.

Particularly for startups, spending money on marketing, branding, and business development is essential because these areas require the best personnel to present your products to the market; the rest is readily available.

You can profit significantly from TDR/MDR sharing on each transaction that your merchants handle, as well as from one-time setup fees if they require specialised TDR rates for their company.

You won't need to spend money on things like servers, IT infrastructure, PCI-DSS compliance (unless you are hosted on your own server), banking alliances, and a lot more.

If you want to create your white-label payment gateway with this, go live on day 1 would launch your business incredibly quickly.

These are some advantages that come with setting up your own payment processors and wallet platforms, such as closed, semi-closed, and open wallets, that are branded and offer superior services along with cutting-edge technology. If you need any assistance with these white-label payment processing tools, please don't hesitate to contact us; we would be happy to help.

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