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Is there a whitelabel freelance consultant platform available?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

The most important and heavily compliance-based component is the mobile wallet, which requires significant effort to design wallet frameworks and API. But, without government leniency, you cannot operate in a certain region without licences like PPI. (PS: I've written this response with India in mind.

You should concentrate more on the aforementioned issue if you're going to build a digital mobile wallet platform.

built on cutting-edge technologies for improved security and the capacity to handle different form factors in wallets.

A corporation or individual needs a PPI licence from the RBI in order to create a mobile wallet; nevertheless, there is one workaround that we will cover below.

ought to grow For the safety of the platform for digital wallets, there are numerous special features with multiple layers of security.

ability to create and administer new features for wallets and payments, such as prepaid cards and physical cards that are co-branded with banks.

being able to create and distribute virtual cards for use with different online payment methods. Here are some crucial elements and technological advancements needed to introduce a digital wallet.

According to RBI, the PPI licence has only recently been issued in India and will no longer be useful in the near future.

Then What? If the RBI is not granting any licences, how can you construct a digital wallet?

We have solutions for this, as I mentioned, including White-Label Wallets and Digital Wallet Solutions, both of which are issued and available. There are many unique features and various layers of protection on the platform for digital wallets to ensure its security.

ability to develop and manage additional wallet and payment features, including co-branded physical cards and prepaid cards.

the ability to produce and distribute virtual cards for usage with various online payment systems. Here are a few key components and technology developments required to launch a digital wallet.

The RBI claims that the PPI licence, which was just recently granted in India, will soon become useless.

What happens next? How can you create a digital wallet if the RBI isn't issuing any licences?

As I indicated, we have solutions for this, such as White-Label Wallets and Digital Wallet both of which are issues and avaliable.

If you need to know more about these technologies, you can check my Bio or write me at or call me at 8700277457.

Cheers and Happy Reading.


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