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How can I make a mobile wallet? What are the basic things should I learn to develop a wallet?

Mobile wallet is the most critical and highly compliance-based feature and it needs much dedication in the development of wallet frameworks and API but this is useless if you don’t have government lenience, without these licenses like PPI, you can’t operate in a defined territory. (P.S.— I am writing this answer keeping INDIA in mind).

For creating a Digital Mobile wallet platform you need to focus more on this mentioned point.

  • Built on new and upcoming technologies for better security and ability to handle various form factors within wallets.

  • For Launching a mobile wallet, a company or Individual needs a PPI license from RBI, without it you can’t launch your own wallet but there is one solution that we can discuss below.

  • Have to develop Multiple unique features with layers of security for the protection of the digital wallet platform.

  • Ability to issue and manage new features in payment and wallets like prepaid cards and co-branded physical cards with banks.

  • Ability to develop and issue virtual cards for online transactions on various channels. These are some important aspects and technology enhancements which requires for launching a digital wallet.

Currently in India, the PPI license has not been issued for a long and will have no scope in the coming future as per RBI.

So What Next? How you can create a digital wallet if RBI is not issuing any licenses?

As I said, we have solutions for this and that is White-Label Wallet and Digital wallet solutions which are issued and successfully launched with the help of Banks on Bin Sponsorship Models.

In this model, you can get multiple options for launching your own wallet like

  1. Closed Loop Wallet: Acceptance of wallet in closed Group

  2. Semi Closed wallet: Acceptance of wallet where the wallet company has a presence

  3. Open-loop Wallet or Prepaid Cards- Acceptance of wallet everywhere

Any company can create its own wallet platform and lunch under its own brand name with features like

  • HCE Payments using NFC technology

  • Integrated Payment Gateway

  • User Management Limit on sub wallets

  • Domestic money transfer

  • Android and IOS APP

  • Prepaid Card issuance with

  • Virtual Card

  • Customer Enrollment

  • Pricing Configuration

  • QR code Payments

  • Bar Code Payments

  • Integrated Recharge &Bill Payments

  • Beacon Payments

These are some important aspects of launching your own wallet with a technology platform. We also help companies to create their White-label Payment gateway solution where they can launch their own Payment gateway with their Brand.

If you need to know more about these technologies, you can check my Bio or write me at or call me at 8700277457.

Cheers and Happy Reading.


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