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“Empowering India’s Digital Dreams: Your Trusted Partner in Reselling of Payment Gateway”

Payment gateway processing and reseller
Reseller of Payment gateway

Advaypay is happy to be at the forefront of the payment gateway reselling business in India in this digital age.

We are reseller of payment gateways and provide wide choice of payment gateways to businesses of all sizes and industry. Our solutions are intended to make online transactions as simple, secure, and trouble-free as possible. 🔒💼

We ensure that your company is always connected to your consumers, no matter where they are, thanks to our powerful technology and devoted customer care. Join us as we continue to innovate and alter India's digital payments ecosystem. Let us make digital payments the norm rather than the exception. 💳💡 We are playing a more crucial role in connecting multiple PG providers in India who have received their in-principle approval in the following use cases.

RBI’s Impact on Payment Gateways: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has had a significant impact on the operations of major payment gateways such as Razorpay, Cashfree Payments, PayU, and Paytm. These companies have already paused new sign-ups following the regulator’s order and rejection of payment aggregator (PA) licence applications. This has led to an increase in new users and online merchants for payment aggregators like CCAvenue and Pine Labs’ Plural1.

Rise of New Players & Reseller of payment gateway: Indian banks that have their white-label payment processing offerings have also seen a rise in merchant signups. CCAvenue has seen an 18% jump in new online merchant signups on its platform in the October-December quarter. Pine Labs’ Plural has seen a three-fold increase in the monthly onboarding of new merchants. We at Advaypay are reselling those payment gateways.

RBI’s List of Online Payment Aggregators: The RBI has released a list of 54 entities, including Amazon (Pay) India, Google India Digital Services, NSDL Database Management, and Zomato Payments, which can continue to operate as Online Payment Aggregators (PAs).

The situation may change frequently as this is a rapidly evolving field. Do reach

Reseller of Payment gateways and payouts
Payment Gateway Reseller

out to us if you need to connect with those who are onboarding and have already received PA licences.



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